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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the process to use the A&W Case in the classroom?

Contact us to receive the Instructor’s Guide which will explain the case and the assignments. Once you have familiarized yourself with the case and would like a demonstration contact Janna Cenko at 312-362-6122.

When you decide to use the case e-mail:

  • the date your class starts
  • your student roster with first name, last name and email address

to info@bittersweetconsultingpartnership.com. An instance of salesforce.com will be populated with your student information. Within three business days you will receive an em ail from salesforce.com initiated by us with a login link to your new salesforce.com account. When you follow this link you will be instructed to create a password.

Your students are required to pay a $40 copyright fee that includes the A&W Case Manual and the Buyer Process Management text. Inside of your salesforce.com org will be a ‘Dashboard’ that is updated once a day for you to see who has paid.

Some tips:

  • Notify your students in advance that there will be a lab fee in your course
  • Give your students a due date to pay by
  • Let them know they can take the training without logging into salesforce
  • Select a date for all your students to get the login link. Warn them to expect an email from ‘support@salesforce.com’ so that they do not delete it.

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Does this course come with a book?

The course includes an instructors guide and student guide. The instructor receives the manual at no cost. Students pay a copyright fee of $40. The students are able to download the student guide PDF upon payment. The email they provide on the checkout page is the email where the downloads will be sent.

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How many classroom hours does the course take?

At DePaul University the A&W Case is used over a quarter (10 weeks) with 8 lab assignments. The A&W Case has also been used to support semester class formats (13-14 weeks) and also as an MIS application where it has been treated as specialty subject matter (3 weeks). We can work with you to suggest cutting or adding assignments.

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How do they get their materials?

After they purchase the A&W Case on this website they will be sent an email with links to a PDF of the student guide and the Buyer Process Management text.

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How do the students pay the copyright fee?

The students go to: http://crm.bittersweetconsultingpartnership.com/purchase and use paypal to process the payment.

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How will I know if my students paid the copyright fee?

Once you log into your salesforce.com instance there is a Dashboard named ‘Copyright Status’ with the names of your students. If they have paid there will be a ‘1’ next to their names. This Dashboard will updated weekly.

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Can you sell the student manual through the bookstore?

We have attempted to go through a publisher to sell the manual in bookstores. The cost to the students would be a $110 manual instead of a $40 manual. Using a website and paypal is the quickest and least expensive way to get the information to the students.

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Can I get a demonstration of the A&W CRM Case?

Yes. Call Janna Cenko at 312-362-6122 to schedule an online meeting.

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What is Hoovers.com and how do you use it?

Hoovers is a prospecting tool where students can use the D&B database to profile potential accounts for their sales model. The students create a lead, convert a lead, set up communication for the lead and then prepare PPT presentation to the lead. This technology is used in identifying accounts and buyers that fit their model profile.

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How do my students get access to Hoovers.com?

Each professor chooses a date in which they would like to start to use Hoovers. On that date that the professors provide the students who have purchased the case are sent an invitation to join. They click the link and fill out a form to create their own username and passwords. Please reach out to the case administrator, Janna Cenko at info(at)bittersweetconsultingpartnership.com, with the date you would like to start using Hoovers in the classroom.

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